About us The Perfect Hosting Solution

Our offices are in Rome, Italy. ViamarTech's servers are located in the United States (McLean, Virginia), and we use Servint facilities: one of biggest and fastest NOC in the USA.
Try the power and the speed of our network pinging this site, or downloading this test file (2MBytes) !
We believe in using state-of-the-art technology to deliver reliable and professional service at reasonable prices to our customers. We grow and develop with our customers' needs in mind. ViamarTech gives your web sites the competitive edge you are looking for.
ViamarTech, "The Perfect Hosting Solution" was founded in 2003 and is specialized in "low cost" web hosting industry by meeting the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses. ViamarTech offers several Packages that are reliable and affordable to tens of thousands of web sites. Join our growing group of satisfied customers!


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